Baby Carrot Tips

Baby carrots, or matchstick carrots, add lend body to dishes.
Baby carrots, or matchstick carrots, add lend body to dishes.

Carrots add sweetness, crunch, and a healthful touch to soup, salad, fish -- even dessert.

These teeny-tiny baby carrots hold up well in stir-fries, can be softened quickly for cakes and cookies, and gives added crunch, color, and body to a wide variety of salads, soups, and stews.


The following are a few ways to use baby carrots:

  • Coarsely chop for salsas: A quick chop of the carrots and a toss into homemade or bottled salsas gives a brighter look and crunchier texture.
  • Toss in soups: Add a handful to canned or homemade soups, and cook until just tender for a heartier and more healthful bowl.
  • Use as a base for stir-fries: Not only can you add them to your favorite stir-fry, but you also can serve stir-fries over cooked matchstick carrots instead of rice. Make a quick side dish: Toss carrots with a little olive oil, a sprinkle of lemon juice, and some chopped parsley and raisins.
  • Add to cake batters and cookie dough: Soften the carrots in the microwave with a bit of water, drain, and add to the batter or dough to give additional sweetness, texture, and moisture.


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