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What to do with biscuit baking mix

Biscuit mix is a solid foundation for many foods.
Biscuit mix is a solid foundation for many foods.
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Biscuit baking mix is one of the most versatile baking mixes available. Convenient for main dishes, desserts, casseroles -- this multi-purpose mix most certainly isn't just for biscuits.

Baking mixes can provide a reliable foundation for all kinds of baked goods and yummy meals. They help you make quick and easy dishes by doing the mixing for you, and they're practically foolproof.

Biscuit baking mix was invented by a railroad dining car chef who kept a mixture of flour, lard, baking powder, and salt in a cooler so that he could whip up fresh hot biscuits at a moment's notice. A food company executive who rode the train was quite impressed when he arrived late for dinner yet had hot biscuits on his plate.

The first commercial product was introduced in 1931, and soon dozens of companies were offering their own versions.Today biscuit baking mix, which we now also call pancake mix, comes in several flavors and varieties.

Each brand offers recipes on the box and online for biscuits, cakes, cookies, bars, coffee cake, muffins, quick breads, waffles -- even casseroles, dumplings, and fried chicken.

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