5 Speed Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

Pitch in as a Group

We're well into the millennium, so there's no need to keep up that June Cleaver 1950s kitchen mentality. In my personal and completely biased opinion, anyone who's old enough to feed himself is perfectly capable of helping out with the cleanup. Toddlers can carry unbreakable plates and utensils to the sink. Older kids can load the dishwasher once you've rinsed the dishes thoroughly, or they can dry pots and pans after they've been washed. As for husbands? They can handle any kitchen-related chore. Plus, they can take out the trash -- there's no reason to ditch 1950s roles that work in your favor, is there?

The bottom line is that many hands make light work. Contributing to the cleanup process will foster a good work ethic in your children and make everyone proud. What to do if the kids don't like it? They know where the microwave is. A few TV dinners will surely help them appreciate your efforts in the kitchen and make them more inclined to lend a hand in the future.

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