5 Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel

Use mild non-scratching abrasive cleaners on your grill
Try using a mildly abrasive cleaner on tougher stains.
Try using a mildly abrasive cleaner on tougher stains.
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For tougher food stains on pots and pans or dirt and grime build-up on your kitchen sink, mild non-scratching abrasive powders may be in order for a thorough cleaning. Typical household cleaners like Comet or Ajax will do the trick, but you can find many specialty stainless steel cleaners at your neighborhood grocery store. This method works wonders if you have a stainless steel grill on your deck, where it may accumulate dirt and grime from exposure to the elements. Panini makers or waffle irons may also benefit from a thorough cleansing.

Use cleaning compounds with warm water, soft bristle brushes, or clean cloths for best results. Don't use carbon steel brush or steel wool, because they can leave particles embedded on the surface that might lead to rusting.

After cleaning, always rinse with clean, hot water and enjoy the shine of your new-looking pots, pans, kitchen sink or appliance.