How to Clean Granite Countertops

How to Safely Clean Granite Countertops
Make sure to use a nonabrasive cloth on your granite countertops.
Make sure to use a nonabrasive cloth on your granite countertops.

The secret to keeping your countertop clean is to blot up a spill before it becomes a stain. Of course, this may not be so simple if you have a chaotic family or are throwing a party. But wiping something up with simple soap and water is much easier than having to deal with a stain later.

Here are a few things that will hurt your granite countertops:

  • Coffee or soda can dull the surface of the granite.
  • Although granite can withstand the heat of a pot or other cookware, use a trivet or coaster to avoid sliding the pan, which can cause scratching.
  • Don't use any vinegar, ammonia or citrus-based cleaners, because they're too acidic and can dull the surface.
  • Don't sit or stand on your countertops. They're hard, but not flexible, and could crack if too much weight is applied in one spot.

Like we said before, daily maintenance of your granite countertops requires only a cloth and some warm water. Dry the counter thoroughly to avoid water stains. If something does spill, make sure you clean it up immediately. Blot and wipe -- the blotting helps the spill to stay in one place.

What if you miss a spill and it becomes a stain? Try this gentle baking soda solution. If your stain is water-based, add a little hydrogen peroxide to the baking soda. If your stain is oil-based, add water instead. Make your baking soda/liquid mixture into a paste. Spread it over the stain and let it sit overnight -- or even a day or two for stubborn stains. Then, rinse off and dry the counter. This homemade paste is called a poultice. You can buy it premade at any home improvement store.

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