Cooking Crabs

Steaming Crabs

Steaming is a method of cooking in the steam given off by boiling water. The food is held above the water, not in the water, as you'd find in poaching. The steam surrounds the food and and cooks it with an intense, moist heat. Steaming is probably the most popular way to prepare crabs. To steam live crabs:
  1. Place 1 pint water and 1 pint vinegar in 10-gallon stockpot. Position a wire rack in bottom of pot. Place 1 layer of crabs on rack. Season with seafood seasoning and salt.

    Place only a single layer of crabs at the bottom of your steaming pot.
    Place only a single layer of crabs at the bottom of your steaming pot.

  2. Repeat with remaining crabs, layering with additional seasoning and salt.

  3. Cover pot. Heat on high until liquid begins to steam. Steam about 25 minutes or until crabs turn red and meat is white. Remove crabs to large serving platter using tongs.
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