Food Safety

Follow basic safety guidelines when handling raw meat or poultry.
Follow basic safety guidelines when handling raw meat or poultry.
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Food safety is extremely important when handling any kind of food. You always want to make sure that the special dishes you create for your friends and family are safe to eat as well as tasty. From cooking with raw meat to cleaning fruits and vegetables, food safety should always be the number one priority in your kitchen.

The articles below provide tips and information for handling food correctly and creating a safe cooking and dining environment.


How to Hardboil an Egg

Eating an undercooked egg can lead to serious illness. Learn how to hardboil an egg to perfection.

Food Safety Tips

Learn how to handle raw meat and poultry and prevent salmonella, with these food safety tips.

Potluck Questions and Tips

Bringing your favorite dish to the next potluck? Learn how to transport your food safely.

Grilling Tips

Get great tips on how to cook your favorite summer foods safely and correctly on the grill.

Slow Cooker Questions

Find out the specific safety concerns that revolve around slow cookers before using this popular kitchen appliance.

Turkey Questions

When the time comes to pop that big bird into the oven, you'll want to know how to keep your turkey feast safe and healthy.


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