Grilling Tips

Grilling, once only a summer-time favorite, is now a year-round cooking option for more and more people. In fact, it is turning into an art form in its own right. Want to take your grilling cuisine up a notch? Follow these simple grilling tips and wow your guests while pleasing your own pallet..

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Learn some great grilling tips in the following sections of this article:

Smoking on a Grill
If you thought you would need to invest in a smoker, you really don't. In fact, adding that great smoked flavor to your food is easier than you think. Learn how to smoke your food right on the grill!

Using Wooden Skewers
A favorite of shishkebob lovers, the simple wooden skewer is an indispensable grilling tool you should become familiar with. Learn tips and tricks for using wooden skewers on the grill.

Using Foil for Grilling
Aluminum foil is versatile, durable and reliable and it offers cooking alternatives that the grill itself just can't match. Find out why foil is your friend when grilling.

Barbeque Basics
Some basic barbecue tips to help make your grilled food come out perfect.

Charcoal Grill Tips
Charcoal cooking is not the same as gas. You can learn right here how to get the best results with charcoal.

Indoor Grill vs. Outdoor Grill
George Foreman isn't the only one to discover the advantages of indoor grilling. See for yourself how this growing practice is different and why it might be for you.

Grilling Vegetables
Grills are not just for meats. Learn the best ways to grill all kinds of vegetables.

Tailgaiting and Grilling
A tailgate party can be fun, but only if you are prepared. No one would forget the food or drinks, but what about the rest of the items you would need?

Grilling Tips and Tricks
How hot is the grill? How long should the food cook on each side? These are some of the specific grilling questions answered here to help bring the best out of your food.

BBQ and Grilling Tips
Health and safety tips to make your barbeque grilling experience a great one!

Cooking Outdoors to Beat the Heat
Find out how and why grilling your food outdoors is a great way to beat the heat.

Grilling Safety Tips
When working the kitchen, safety is paramount. Your grill is no different! Learn specific safety tips to keep in mind when grilling.

Grilling Tricks
Do you know when the charcoal is ready or when the best time to clean the grill is? Explore these and other common grill questions.

Smoking is a great way to add delicious flavor to your meat but you don't need a dedicated smoker to do it! Discover how to smoke on the grill in the next section of this article.

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