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Grilling Tips

BBQ and Grilling Tips

Whether you want to barbeque or grill, these little golden rules for healthy eating and grill safety apply either way: 

  • Before using wooden skewers, soak them in water for at least 20 minutes before grilling. This prevents them from burning.

  • Keep a shaker of seasoning next to your grill. Don't forget to season your grilled food well to create flavorful meals.

  • Choose long-handled cooking tools to avoid burns and splatters. A basic grill kit should include long tongs for turning the foods, a stiff-wire brush for cleaning the grill, a mop brush for saucing foods, a large offset spatula for moving delicate items, and a pair of elbow-length grill gloves for protection. Apron, optional.

barbeque food
Michal Zacharzewski
Be careful when you barbeque on the grill. Food can get dried out quickly if you don

In addition, you should follow these tips for keeping your grilled food healthy:

  • Trim the fat.

  • Choose lean meats to grill. Less fat means less dripping down into the flames, which cuts down on flare-ups. Remove the skin from poultry.

  • Grill veggies. Try marinated vegetables on a skewer, on the grilling tray or wrapped in foil. Grilled fruit also makes a sweet, healthful dessert.

  • Wrap it up. Cooking in foil seals in juices so you can cook leaner cuts until they are both tender and done. Wrap fish with vegetables and a little low-fat marinade for an easy meal, all in one packet.

Like the man said: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!" That is not a bad idea! Learn about cooking outdoors to beat the heat in the next section.

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