How to Cook Chili Peppers

How to Cut Chili Peppers

The most important thing to keep in mind when cutting chili peppers is that a little goes a long way!
  1. Put on rubber gloves when handling chili peppers. They can sting, burn, and irritate skin. Do not touch your eyes during or after handling chili peppers.

  2. Rinse chili peppers; pat dry with paper towels. Cut peppers into halves with utility knife. Scrape out stems, seeds, and veins with tip of knife; discard.

    Use rubber gloves when cutting chili peppers when cooking Mexican food.
    Use rubber gloves when
    cutting chili peppers.
  3. For strips, cut seeded pepper halves lengthwise to desired thinness.

    Cut peppers in half when preparing Mexican food.
    Cut peppers in half.
  4. For small dice, group strips together on cutting board. Chop crosswise with chef's knife to desired size.

    Cut peppers in half when cooking Mexican food.
    Dice by chopping crosswise.
  5. When you are finished handling the chili peppers, remove and discard gloves. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after handling chili peppers, even if you've worn gloves.

Many recipes call for roasted chili peppers. Learn this technique on the next page.

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