How to Cook Turnip Greens

Turnips have long been known to be a delicious addition to roasted vegetable dishes and pickled salads. However, new medical research shows that its greens may be an even healthier and more nutritious complement to your diet than the root vegetable. Turnip greens, like all leafy green vegetables, offer calcium, fiber, magnesium and vitamins C, A and K [source: Beck]. These greens can be cooked a number of different ways to add a variety of flavors on your plate. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to cook turnip greens.

  • Turnip greens side dish One delicious way to serve turnip greens is as an accompaniment to protein dishes. Add the greens to a stockpot of heated olive oil, garlic, browned leeks and crush pepper flakes. Pour ¼ cup of dry white wine into the pot and cook over a medium heat, until the greens are wilted. This takes about eight to 10 minutes [source: Martha Stewart]. The greens will add a deep and rich flavor to broiled chicken breast or grilled salmon.
  • Boiled Turnip Greens For those watching their calorie intake, boiled turnip greens are an easy and delicious way to add substance to your plate without adding a lot of fat. Simply boil up your greens with some vegetables, seasoning and the meat of your choice. Start cooking the meat, and add the greens and the vegetables when the meat has about a half hour left to cook [source: Deen].
  • Sautéed Turnip Greens For a light and fresh snack, try sautéing the greens in extra virgin oil olive. Cook them with chili flakes and garlic for approximately 5 minutes until the greens are tender. Then drizzle them with lemon juice and sprinkle them with pine nuts for a satisfying and healthy daytime snack [source: Beck].