How to Freeze Foods

Freezing should be simple: If you want to preserve something, you wrap it up and throw it in the freezer, right? Not always. Turns out that if you don't package it right you could ruin your food. To keep your foods preserved and freezer-burn free, check out these tips for freezing your foods.

Chepe Nicoli
To ensure the best quality when freezing food, follow a few simple guidelines.

Find out how to prepare and freeze various types of foods on the following pages:

How to Freeze Foods
There are foods you can freeze and quite a number that you cannot. Find out which foods should never be frozen and what happens when you try.

Ice Cream in the Freezer
Learn about different kinds of frozen treats like ice cream, sherbets and so on that can remain quite happily in your freezer without losing their flavor.

What Can You Do with a Bag of Frozen Fruit?
There are plenty of ways to use that bag of frozen fruit you have lurking in your freezer. Desert is just the start!

Freezer Tips
If you thought that fun shapes was the beginning and the end of creativity with ice cubes, think again! Learn how to spice up this perennial freezer favorite as well as how to freeze a casserole without the casserole dish.

Should You Defrost Berries Before Baking Them?
You are baking blueberry muffins and forgot the fresh blueberries. All you have is a bag of frozen blueberries in the back of your freezer. Should you thaw them? We have the answer!

Fruit may be one item you can easily freeze, but there are plenty of others that should never see the inside of your freezer. Learn which foods should never be frozen on the next page.

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