How to Freeze Foods

What Not to Freeze

Q. What foods are not recommended for freezing?

A. According to the University of Illinois Extension Service, some foods deteriorate almost to the point of being unusable after being frozen and thawed.

They may be perfectly safe to eat or use, but freezing food can change the texture or physical structure of some foods so that they may not be able to be used in the same way as fresh. Some may still be used for cooking, and some may not be usable at all upon thawing.

freezing food
Kim Jensen
When freezing food, be sure that you label all foods to ensure the highest quality.

The University of Illinois Extension Service has developed a list of foods that probably should not be stored in the freezer as well as the reasons why:

Food Result of Freezing
Cheese in blocks Crumbles
Cooked egg white Crumbles
Cottage cheese Cream pies Custards Watery
Eggs Gravy Green onions, tomatoes Lettuce Watery, limp
Mayonnaise, milk, milk sauces, sour cream, yogurt
Some separation
Potatoes, raw Radishes