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How to Freeze Foods

Ice Cream in the Freezer

Q. Ice cream, sorbet, ices, sherbet -- they're all delicious, but what makes them different? And can I store them all in the freezer?

A. As long as they are in closed containers, all of the above can be frozen for a few weeks -- or even a few months -- without losing their flavor.

freezing ice cream
Ehsan Namavar
Ice cream can be frozen for several weeks -- or even months if it has been packaged properly.

While these are all similar in that they can be frozen for extended periods of time, each is different in its own right. Here's a quick introduction.

Ice Cream: At its simplest, ice cream includes cream, milk, sweeteners and flavorings. Sometimes pasteurized eggs and small pieces of food, such as nuts, fruit or chocolate bits, are added.

Sorbet: This frozen mixture of fruit juice, fruit purée, water and sugar is more similar to an ice than to sherbet.

Ice: The dessert ice is a frozen mixture of sugar and liquid, such as fruit juice, wine or coffee. It has a slightly granular texture that is created by stirring the mixture during the freezing process.

Sherbet: Sherbet refers to a frozen low-fat dessert made from fruit, fruit juices, sugar, stabilizers and flavorings. In the United States, sherbet often contains milk solids.

Desserts are not the only things that can be frozen. Fruit is another item that you can freeze. Learn more about it in the next section.

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