How to Freeze Foods

Should You Defrost Blue Berries Before Baking Them?

Q. Do I need to thaw frozen blueberries before I add them to cake batter?

A. Frozen blueberries do not need to be thawed before you add them to your cake batter. They can be left in their frozen state for most baking recipes unless the recipe calls for them to be defrosted (or if the recipe calls for fresh blueberries, which can make a difference).

If you add frozen berries to your dish too early, they may bleed into the batter or food. Be sure to add them at the very last minute.

The only real issue with defrosted blueberries is that they tend to "bleed," creating blue spots and streaks. To try to prevent this "bleeding," you should stir frozen blueberries gently into your batter at the last minute.

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