How to Make Pastries

How to Make a Strudel Roll

A strudel roll is similar to a jelly roll in terms of technique. A variety of delicious fillings can be made, placed on phyllo dough, and rolled up inside the pastry.

  1. Defrost phyllo as directed on package. Remove 6 sheets of phyllo from package; unroll and place on large sheet of waxed paper; cover with a damp towel.

  2. Place one sheet of phyllo on work surface. Lightly brush with butter. Top with second phyllo sheet. Lightly brush with butter and sprinkle with sugar or seasonings as directed by recipe. Place a third phyllo sheet over sugar or seasonings; lightly brush with butter and sprinkle with additional seasonings. Repeat three more times.

    Brush phyllo sheets with butter when making strudel roll.
    Brush phyllo sheets with butter.
  3. Spoon filling along short side of phyllo rectangle in 3-inch-wide strip, beginning 11/2 inches in from short side and leaving a 2-inch border on long sides.

  4. Fold long sides in over filling; lightly brush folded edges with butter.

    Fold long sides of phyllo over the filling when making pastry dough.
    Fold long sides of phyllo over the filling.
  5. Starting at the filled side, gently roll up, jellyroll style, forming strudel roll. Lightly brush roll with butter. Transfer to baking pan, seam side down, and bake according to recipe directions.

Phyllo blossoms are another great way to use this delicate pastry. Learn more in the next section.

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