How to Make Scrambled Eggs

By: Jeremy Glass  | 

scrambled eggs
A plate of fluffy scrambled eggs – the ultimate breakfast and comfort food. jopstock/Getty Images

Whether they're hard-boiled, fried, poached or mixed into fluffy pancake batter, there's truly no wrong method of preparing an egg. Among the easiest and most delicious methods in the egg preparation world is scrambling. Needing little more than a bowl, fork and fixins', scrambled eggs (along with bacon, of course) are a protein-rich way to start the morning. Here are some quick and easy steps to make the best scrambled eggs.


1. Grab a bowl

While it's common practice for some to crack their eggs directly into their cast iron and scramble, pre-mixing your eggs in a bowl allows in air, giving you fluffier, lighter eggs. Crack one or two eggs into a bowl and toss the shells. For peace of mind, you should always make sure your eggs aren't spoiled. And, yes, those shells are great for the garden, so compost them with your other kitchen scraps.

2. Beat it!

Using a fork or small whisk, beat your eggs until they reach a uniform color and consistency. Pro-tip: trying adding milk, half-and-half or heavy cream, cheese, garlic powder or a pinch of salt (or all of 'em!) for fluffy and flavorful eggs.

3. Heat up your cast iron

Grab a cast iron or nonstick skillet and place it over a medium-low flame. You don't want it smoking hot, just hot enough to melt fat. Now, the trick is to add a pad of butter (or bacon grease for a smoky, salty flavor) and melt it so it coats the pan without burning (cooking spray will do in a pinch).

4. Add those eggs

Pour in your beaten eggs and allow the mixture to sit for a few moments.


5. Bulldoze

Using a nice heat-proof spatula, push your eggs from one side of the pan to the other – sort of like a bulldozer. At this point, you can add chopped up ham, cheese or chives.

You're looking for bright yellow eggs with a fluffy texture. Once achieved, turn off the stove, take the pan off the burner and serve with salt, pepper or Frank's hot sauce.