Paul Petersen -- Pablo Diablo's Grilling Tips

Paul Petersen from Pablo Diablo’s
Paul Petersen from Pablo Diablo’s

1. To perfectly sear a steak you need a very hot grill.

2. To get star marks on your steaks get three grill marks at 1/3 turn on each side.

3. When slow smoking meats you should have a spray bottle full of tasty liquid to spray when meat is looking dry.

4. You can smoke anything if you put your mind to it... I smoke grapes, avocados and onions all of which are served in my restaurants.. My doctor did tell me to quit though...

5. Clean and season your grill before cooking on it. Clean it with a brush and oil your grates well. You can cut an onion in half, coat it with a little oil, and use that to oil your grates instead of using a rag. This will add a little extra flavor.

6. Have fun!