Wok Cooking

Bamboo Steaming

Steaming in a wok usually involves a Bamboo Steamer -- a round basket that holds food over steaming water, allowing the steam to cook the food. The basket is about 31/2 inches deep with a base of loosely woven bamboo strips that allows steam in for cooking. The lid is more tightly woven, with no spaces for the steam to escape.

  1. Hot Tip!
    Since bamboo steamers come in a wide range of diameters, find one that will fit snugly inside your wok, resting about 1 inch below the edge. A 12-inch basket fits nicely in a 14-inch wok.
    Place the bamboo steamer in wok. Add water to 1/2 inch below steamer. (Water should not touch steamer.) Remove steamer.

  2. Cover wok; bring water to a boil over high heat.

  3. Oil inside bottom of bamboo steamer. Arrange ingredients inside steamer basket.

  4. Place steamer in wok over boiling water; reduce heat to medium. Cover steamer and steam food as directed in recipe. Remove wok from heat. Carefully remove bamboo steamer from wok.

    Please steamer in wok.
    Place steamer in wok.