Lee Ann Whippen -- Wood Chick's BBQ Grilling Tips

Lee Ann Whippen of Wood Chick's BBQ
Lee Ann Whippen of Wood Chick's BBQ

1. Grill grates should be cleaned or scraped prior to grilling and oil (i.e. Vegetable, Olive Oil) should be applied with cloth to prevent sticking.

2. Soak wood chips in water for ½ hour, drain and enclose in piece of foil. Poke holes in foil with fork to allow smoke to escape. Place directly on coals to flavor your favorite meats.


3. Don't use flavored (i.e. Mesquite) charcoal as it adds a chemical taste rather than natural wood flavors.

4. Baste with sauces during last half hour of cooking not in the beginning.

5. Marinating your meats prior to cooking will not only add flavor but also create a tenderer product.

6. Try to avoid Lighter Fluid and use starter sticks or Charcoal Chimney to light your fire so meat flavors don't get tainted.