Top 5 Beer-Making Tips


Establish a Clean and Safe Work Environment

Your equipment isn't the only thing that should be sanitary -- you need to make sure you have a clean, safe working environment, too. If you spill grain, sweep it up. If your wort boils over, wipe it up. Your workspace should always be as clean as possible for your own safety -- after all, would you really want to slip on some spilled wort while you're moving your boiling brew pot?

You should also make sure the boil pot's surrounding area is free of anything that can catch on fire. When wiping up spills, be sure the cloth does not get too close to the heat. You should also take care not to wear any loose clothing for the same reason, as that dangling, un-tucked shirt flap could catch on fire. A great safety tip is to keep a smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher nearby as well. It's best to be prepared for even the worst scenario [source: Gern].

There are also a few tools that can help you have the cleanest and safest workplace possible. For example, it's good to have several heavy-duty potholders and/or oven mitts around to keep your hands safe. Don't even think of using the decorative macramé ones your aunt made you two decades ago. Your hands will appreciate the investment. Your tools and equipment, like spoons, should be non-porous so they can be cleaned properly [source: Gern]. So go for the stainless steel over wood.

If you're keeping everything around your beer safe and clean, you want the beer to be safe and clean too. Read on to learn about tip number three.