Top 5 Beer-Making Tips

Highest Quality, Freshest Ingredients

For the best results, you should plan to use the highest quality, freshest ingredients you can afford, and use them in a timely fashion. You'll want to avoid corn sugar and cane sugar, except in particular beers that specifically call for them. Otherwise, your beer will have a decidedly cider-like taste to it [source: Gern]. For the rest of your ingredients, stick to fresh when you can. Liquid yeast will give you a better tasting, higher quality beer than dry yeast. If you decide to use extract, find fresh extract instead of canned extract. If you start your home beer making by using a kit, you'll most likely get the cheaper canned and dry ingredients. Once you've experimented with those, when you have to restock, go out and buy the good stuff.

The caveat with all of these fresh ingredients is that you have to use them quickly. Your hops, yeast, malt and grains can go bad quickly, whether they are dry or liquid. These ingredients can even oxidize if not used within a certain time frame [source: Smith]. Premium ingredients lead to a premium-tasting beer.

You now know the top five beer-making tips for creating your very own home brew. So grab some fresh ingredients and equipment and get started. As they say, practice makes perfect. Cheers!

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