7 Weird Instances of Food That Looks Like Something Else

So if this is a thing that looks like food, what are some instances of food that look like things? Claudia Prontera/EyeEm/Getty Images

Call it edible art. Or call it a snack. Whatever name it goes by, sometimes food ends up looking a whole lot like something else. Whether it's a presidential parsnip, a corkscrew carrot or a celebrity corn chip, edible artifacts have stopped people in their tracks for years.

Some people in possession of these weird food items have tried to make a profit off their discoveries, while others yearned to commemorate their finds on social media and share them with friends. Whatever the motive, these food finds all have one thing in common — weird, edible shapes that look like other things. There's science behind this happening, though, and the term pareidolia describes the psychological phenomenon of people seeing faces, patterns and images where none exist. (Ever spent time gazing at clouds?)

Here are seven recent remarkable examples.

1. Flamin' Hot Cheeto Bald Eagle

Weddings can be expensive, so we can't blame eBay seller "bballjuan" for trying to make a buck to pay for a honeymoon. A Flamin' Hot Cheeto that looks like a bald eagle on a perch is pretty cool. Maybe not $5,000 cool, but it's at least enough to fund a boutonnière, right? 

2. Darth Vader Lamb Chops

He may be Luke's father, but Darth Vader is no match for the frying pan. These lamb chops look decidedly like a Star Wars caricature, only more delicious.

3. Hulk Smash Green Pepper

4. Chillin' Carrot

5. Chicken of the Sea?

6. Grilled Egg Nemo

7. George Washington McNugget