Your Family Will Love Breakfast for Dinner -- Here's Why

By: Julia Layton

Eggs whipped up into a quick, veggie-filled omelet make an inexpensive and nutritious family dinner. See more easy weeknight meal pictures.

There's a reason why "pancake night!" is often met with squeals of delight: Breakfast for dinner is a rare treat in most households. French toast, cheesy eggs, apple-butter-slathered toast, brown-sugar oatmeal and, perhaps best of all, bacon -- they're all especially delightful when served around 6 p.m.

That dinner can be sweet, literally, may be a big part of the squeals, but syrupy novelty is just one of the reasons why lots of families love eating traditional breakfast foods for dinner. In this article, you'll learn some more reasons why you might want to defy mealtime convention, and not just on special occasions. You may end up working breakfast-for-dinner into your weekly menu.


For one thing, it can be one of the quickest ways to get a tasty (and healthy) meal on the kitchen table.