Your Family Will Love Breakfast for Dinner -- Here's Why

By: Julia Layton

It Saves Money (Yay, Dessert!)

OK, dessert might be a little redundant after a meal of French toast, but the point stands: Serving breakfast for dinner can save a considerable amount of cash, leaving some extra room in the budget for non-necessities. If you go with eggs as the base of the meal, you're off to a particularly great money-saving start.

You can buy a dozen large eggs for as little as a buck. Assuming two eggs per family member and a family of four, you've provided a significant protein supply (about 10 grams per person), not to mention antioxidants and other good stuff, all for less than a dollar.


Cheese, bread, yogurt and milk, other breakfast-food staple ingredients, are also some of the less-expensive "real" foods out there. Fruits and vegetables are not the cheapest items these days, but you can still include them in your meal. Broccoli makes an inexpensive omelet addition, and apples, especially when in season, are a perfectly affordable fruit for a cinnamon-dusted side dish or healthy dessert. You can squeeze bananas into pancakes and zucchini into muffins, and if you make a $5 meal of French toast, you might decide to splurge on some $6 raspberries as a topping.

Another breakfast-for-dinner benefit lots of people overlook? It's highly conducive to leftovers. Chicken, ham and turkey can make deliciously savory quiches and frittatas; it's easy enough to cube leftover steak into a hash; and scrambled cheesy eggs will benefit from pretty much any extra veggies you've got in the house.

Just toss it all in there, slide some bacon on the side and top something on the plate with maple syrup. Is it breakfast? Is it dinner? Is it brunch? Who cares, there's bacon! (Which, incidentally, you can top with the maple syrup. Yum.)

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