5 Foods that Will Make You Happier

Chocolate contains the pleasure-inducing chemicals dopamine and serotonin. See more pictures of chocolate.

Everyone wants to be happy, but that doesn't mean everyone is happy. It can be a struggle for many of us to continually remain in good spirits. There's an entire pharmaceutical industry based on chemically inducing feelings of contentment, but what if there were a way to naturally perk up a person's moods? What if, instead of popping a pill, you could get an emotional pick-me-up from the foods you eat? The truth is, you can, and you've probably already eaten, or are at least familiar with, many of the foods that will help you do it.

Like any drug, these provisions aren't about to do away with all your woes, but they can and will provide an emotional pick-me-up when you need it. In fact, research indicates that the majority of people's moods could be positively influenced by a simple change in diet, and many people may find that food does a better job of keeping them happy than anything put out by pharmaceutical companies.

In this article, we'll take a look at a few foods that will make you happier. From a South American nut you can snack on for an immediate mood boost to a classic sweet treat that can help you relax, you'll learn what to eat to keep wearing that happy face.

Keep reading to find out which leafy green will keep you smiling.