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How to Poach an Egg

Poaching eggs is easy if you know a few tricks.

Pimento Cheese: The Southern Staple With Northern Roots

You probably equate pimento cheese with the South. And you're right. It's a popular Southern treat that started in the North. We'll tell you all about that, and how to make it.

Everything Really Does Taste Like Chicken, Including This Mushroom

The Chicken of the Woods mushroom is jam-packed with protein and easy to spot with its bright orange color and ruffled edges.

How to Bake Bacon in the Oven

Frying isn't the only (or necessarily the best) way to cook bacon. We'll show you another way that's even better.

Could Breadfruit Be the Next Superfood?

This starchy, staple fruit that grows in the tropics has the potential to provide food security to millions. So what exactly is it and who's eating it?

Top Ramen's First 'Chief Noodle Officer' Pays in, Well, Ramen

What does it take to be a chief noodle officer? Top Ramen is hiring its first ever in honor of its 50th anniversary.

Irish Supreme Court Says Subway's Bread, Well, Isn't

If Subway's bread is legally not bread, then what in the heck is it?

Why Air Fryers Are the Hottest Must-have Small Appliance

You don't have to fry your food when you can get the same crispy results with hot air.

Is French Press Coffee the Best Coffee?

Coffee is one of the world's most popular drinks. But what's the best way to brew the stuff? That depends on who you ask.

Monk Fruit Is Nature's Zero-calorie Sweetener

China banned export of the fruit in 2004, so you'll likely never try it fresh. But you've probably already had versions of its extract and didn't even know it.

The Halifax Donair Is Canada's Kitschiest Sandwich You've Never Heard Of

Canada isn't a country known for its cuisine. But there is one sandwich from Halifax with a cultlike following that you just have to try to believe.

Find a Gold Ticket, Win a Candy Factory. For Real

If you've ever dreamt of living out 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' now's your chance — golden ticket hunt, winning a candy factory and all.

Never Heard of the Slightly Boozy Old-time Drink Cronk? You Will

Cronk was a mildly alcoholic beverage, popular from about 1840 to 1910, that's once more being brewed and just might become a sensation again.

Prunes: They're Not Just For Pooping

Sure, eating prunes can help you have regular bowel movements, but these sweet dried plums can also help you build — and maintain — strong bones.

Why the Mint Julep Is the Official Drink of the Kentucky Derby

The mint julep is as synonymous with the Kentucky Derby as big hats and seersucker suits. But how did this simple drink from the 1700s wind up at the world's most famous horse race?

Cheerios: 8 Fun Facts About Making Oats Into O's

This iconic cereal has a long and fun history. For instance, its original name wasn't even Cheerios.

Why You Need More Lentils in Your Life

These colorful legumes pack a powerful punch when it comes to nutrition. Plus they're versatile, easy to cook and taste great.

When to Cook With Tamari Instead of Soy Sauce

Is the difference between soy sauce and tamari like the difference between ketchup and catsup – in name only? Not at all, and we'll tell you why.

Tendergroin, Cowboy Caviar: Just What Are Rocky Mountain Oysters?

It's the meat that's launched a thousand jokes. But how did Rocky Mountain oysters get their name and what do they taste like?

Dutch Ovens Can Cook Everything From Bread to Brisket, Deliciously

Is this workhorse of kitchen equipment missing from your arsenal? We'll tell you why you need one.

5 Sweet and Healthy Uses for Honey

Honey has been used as medicine for millennia and, in this century, the old remedies seem to be holding up to science.

Still Haven't Tried Acai? You Should

The acai berry hit the healthy culinary scene hard and for good reason. These berries are packed with nutrients and low in calories. So why haven't you tried them?

Ube Is the Totally Instagrammable Tuber That's Also Good For You

Ube is a sweet species of yam that stands out because of its vivid purple color and sweet, creamy taste.

5 Things to Know Before Becoming a Pescatarian

If you're thinking of giving up meat, but can't stand the thought of never eating seafood again, you might want to consider the pescatarian diet.

Who Invented the Fortune Cookie?

You crack open the fortune cookie at the end of your meal and ... well, it may not exactly tell your future, but who doesn't secretly hope it promises something fabulous?