9 Foods That Will Make You Live Forever.Almost

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are practically a sweet, healthy dessert.
Sweet potatoes are practically a sweet, healthy dessert.

Delicious, versatile sweet potatoes contain loads of vitamin C and a 400 percent wallop of your daily requirement of vitamin A (or beta carotene). Beta carotene is a pigment that gives sweet potatoes their orange color, but in your body, it's an antioxidant that fights off cancer and aging at the cellular level. Darker sweet potatoes have more beta carotene than pale ones.

Sweet potatoes aren't actually potatoes or yams; they're an edible root related to morning glory flowers. They're also a high-fiber, low fat food that delivers a good, natural dose of vitamin E (a cancer fighter), vitamin B6, iron and potassium in a tasty package. Eat the skin, too, to get an even bigger nutritional boost.

There are lots of different antioxidants, and you need to mix your food choices up to get the most benefit. See what else is on the menu on the next page.

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