45 Homemade Foods You Can Make Yourself (But Never Thought You Could)

By: Marye Audet, Planet Green

How often do you make food from scratch?
How often do you make food from scratch?
Marye Audet

There are many food items that people regularly buy that they could make at home; healthier, cheaper, and tastier.

In days past people did not run to the store every time they needed catsup or baking powder, they made what they needed themselves from basic materials. You can do the same.


Keep reading to discover Items You Didn't Know You Could Make Homemade. How many of the following items have you made from scratch?

Meat and Proteins

13. Bacon

14. Tofu


15. Tempeh

16. Sausage



17. Goat Milk Ricotta

18. Mascarpone


19. Mozzarella

20. Yogurt

21. Kefir


Spices and Herb Blends


42. Flavored Vodka

43. Hard Cider


44. Roast Coffee Beans

45. Chai Mix


Many More

With the easy access to information on the Internet a couple of words typed in to Google can result in hundreds of recipes for everything from corned beef to homemade wine. Next time you run out of an ingredient check the web for information about making it yourself.There is something very satisfying about being able to make your own ingredients.

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