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Gateway Dishes
Pad Thai

Have you ever wanted to cook authentic Thai food instead of going out to a fancy restaurant? Now you can with our Thai recipes.

Chicken Teriyaki

Learn how to cook authentic Asian cuisine with our recipes from all of the major regions in Asia, including Korea, Japan and Malaysia.

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Learn to cook authentic Middle Eastern cuisine by checking out our collection of recipes. And you can use a fork if you'd like.

Beef Enchiladas

Don't you dare go to fast-food taco restaurants when you can learn to cook authentic Mexican cuisine from your own kitchen.

More to Explore

Did Marco Polo bring pasta from China?

Where can you find the world's best pasta? The obvious answer is Italy, where the food staple originated. But did the Italians take a culinary cue from the Chinese? Were Marco Polo and Kublai Khan swapping recipes in the 13th century?


Warm, Sweet and Cheesy: International Comfort Foods


Different nations and cultures have their own warming, nostalgia-inducing comfort food classics. Grilled cheese and tomato soup are typical American staples -- what are some other well-loved comfort foods from around the world?

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