5 Things Christopher Columbus Ate

Suddenly, Spices
"Spice" before Columbus' voyage to America mostly meant salt.
"Spice" before Columbus' voyage to America mostly meant salt.
Photo courtesy of NASA

Christopher Columbus set out to find a shorter way to the spices of India. Instead, he found the spices of America. Columbus would have tasted, for the first time, the spicy flavors of chili pepper and cayenne, along with allspice.

The natives may also have introduced him to vanilla and cocoa (chocolate). The Aztecs ate chocolate straight and bitter. Only in Europe did cooks add sugar and milk to produce the creamy, sweet confection we know today.

So by all means, feel free to finish off a Columbus Day meal with some chocolate cake, or chocolate pudding or chocolate cookies. Or a big hunk of plain-old chocolate. It's in the spirit of the holiday.

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For a commemorative meal…

Consider chili, jalapeno poppers, Jamaican jerk chicken or mole.

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