Fire in the Hole! The Hot Sauce Quiz

By: Alia Hoyt
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Fire in the Hole! The Hot Sauce Quiz
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About This Quiz

Nothing adds heat to a dish quite like hot sauce. Think you're hot sauce savvy? Take this quiz and prove it!
Which pepper is the hottest in the world?
7 Pot Douglah
Carolina Reaper
Pepper heat is measured in Scoville heat units (SHUs). A standard tabasco pepper is 30,000 to 50,000. The Carolina Reaper is just a bit more than that at 2.2 million SHUs. Now that's fire!
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
Where is Tabasco sauce manufactured?
Five generations' worth of the McIlhenny family have run the Tabasco company on Avery Island in Louisiana.
New Mexico
Sriracha is one international hot sauce that has gone mainstream. Where did it originate?
This sauce was developed in the 1930s in the town of Si Racha. It's most often used by Thai people as a seafood dipping sauce.


Which pepper forms the base of most hot sauces from the Caribbean?
scotch bonnet
Pepper sauce, the local name for hot sauce, is served with almost everything in the Caribbean. Scotch bonnet (100,000-350,000 SHUs) is the usual pepper.
How long did it take Mike Jack to down three Carolina Reapers to achieve the Guinness World Record for this feat?
19.2 seconds
9.72 seconds
This was the first time the record was achieved in less than 10 seconds! During this itty-bitty time period, Jack ate three Carolina Reapers, which equates to 4.9 million SHUs!
30 seconds
Hot peppers contain capsaicinoids. Who might benefit from this, medically?
cancer patients
people with severe seasonal allergies
recovering drug addicts
Capsaicinoids trigger endorphin and dopamine release, which help ease the effects of drug withdrawal. Sometimes people get addicted to hot sauce because of those dopamine releases.


Which of these peppers is highest on the Scoville scale?
Chipotle peppers range from 5,000-8,000 SHUs, whereas jalapeƱos are "only" 2,500-8,000. The poblano is a lowly 1,000-1,500.
In Mexico, less emphasis is placed on the heat of the pepper when making hot sauce. What is prioritized, instead?
Mexican hot sauce is typically made from chipotle peppers, and flavor is even more important than the heat level.
This hot sauce is made with a pepper popular in Southern Africa.
"Piri-piri" (or "peri-peri") is a Swahili word meaning "pepper-pepper." The sauce has become popular all over the world thanks to the chicken chain Nando's, which uses it.


What's the best way to get relief from an extra-hot sauce?
Suck on ice.
Drink a glass of milk.
The milk protein stops the interaction between the sauce and your taste buds to achieve sweet, sweet relief.
Eat more sauce until your taste buds get used to it.
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