5 Dinner Party Table Setting Ideas

Consider the table to focal point and make it shine!

There's a difference between eating and dining. Sitting down to a fine meal in someone's home or a quality restaurant satisfies more than just your appetite. If it's done right, a good dinner party nurtures your spirit, too. There's the great food, sure, but there's also good company and a sense of equilibrium with your surroundings. When all those things come together into a cohesive whole, it can be remarkable. Whatever the alchemy of a great dinner party happens to be, hosts aspire to it and guests crave it. It may be lightning in a bottle, and there's definitely some work involved, but if you've ever participated in an amazing evening sharing food, wine and conversation, you know it's worth the effort.

Let's take a look at five ways you can dress your table to add dimension to a party. Think of it as creating the perfect set design for your production.