5 Dinner Party Table Setting Ideas


Just Desserts at the Buffet

You can have a sit down dinner but still make the proceedings a bit less formal and labor intensive by the selective use of your buffet server. An appetizer and beverage or dessert buffet can give your party some movement and a few unexpected design opportunities, too. It's also a simple way to make the beginning and end of the meal less stressful for you. If you have the buffet prepped and ready to go for dessert, for instance, folks can sample the offerings or not, without feeling pressured, while you're free to sit and chat. An appetizer buffet, on the other hand, is a great way to get guests mingling before the main event. Having a buffet set up to handle part of the duty is efficient and fun. If you have a sideboard, or even a conveniently located countertop, this is a do-ahead option you'll love.

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Dinner Party Invitations

Dinner Party Invitations

In order to have a party, you first need to invite some guests. Here is a great way to personalize and hand-deliver your dinner party invitations.