5 Low-cost Foods That Are Full of Vitamins


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Versatile and super-easy to prepare, eggs make a great low-cost, vitamin-rich ingredient. At breakfast, lunch or dinner, a single egg offers a nice supply of the B vitamins 2, 12 and 5 (14 percent, 10 percent and 8 percent of RDA, respectively), all of which play roles in extracting energy from food and forming essential blood structures. You'll also be consuming about 7 percent of your vitamin D for the day. If you buy vitamin-D-enriched eggs, which are common these days but do often cost a bit more, that number goes way up.

Egg-based dishes like omelets and quiches, which contain about two eggs per serving, are especially effective meals for meeting your daily allowance of B vitamins. But keep in mind that egg-white-only dishes don't count: These vitamins are in the yolk.

Speaking of B vitamins, eggs also supply a substantial amount of choline. Choline is not a vitamin in the true sense but behaves similarly to B vitamins (and is often considered an honorary member of that family), facilitating all sorts of chemical reactions in the body. This one appears to be especially important to the nervous system.

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