Budget Meals

Budget Meals are not only wallet friendly but they can be delicious too. Learn how to shop on a budget, substitute expensive ingredients for cheaper ones and everything in between to keep the green in your hand.


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Throw It In a Salad! 5 Salad Recipes That Save You Money

Salads have come a long way from simple greens and dressing. We've got 5 recipes that definitely aren't your grandmother's salads.

10 Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

You don't have to spend a fortune on your groceries. We'll show you how.

5 Cheap Pasta Meals for Families

With rising food prices, pasta is a great foundation for feeding your family on the cheap. Check out our suggestions for a variety of satisfying, economical pasta meals.

10 Creative Ways to Use Banana Peppers

Do you have a bushel of banana peppers from your garden, and nothing to do with them? Never fear. We have ways to use them all.

5 Delicious Frugal Meals

You're not restricted to tasteless, lackluster foods just because you're on a budget. Here are five delicious and frugal meals that won't break the bank.

5 Easy Cheap Dinners for Families

Finding cheap family dinners that won't bore your brood might seem daunting. But we've cooked up five winners for you.

5 Frugal Gourmet Recipes

If gourmet meals seem out of reach because of your budget, it's time to change the way you think about high-end food. Savvy chefs know that frugal gourmet cuisine lies in fresh ingredients and a sense of creativity in the kitchen.

5 Great Cheap Meals for Large Families

Feeding a large family on a budget? We've got some surprising options, ranging from jambalaya to pulled pork.

5 Healthy Vegetarian Meals on a Budget

Your body won't be the only thing getting healthier if you eat vegetarian meals more often -- your bank account could also reap the benefits.

5 Holiday Meals That'll Break the Bank

Hosting a holiday gathering is never a snap, so why make it harder on yourself by cooking dishes with expensive ingredients? Here are five holiday meals you should steer clear of if you don't want to spend a fortune.

5 Low-cost Foods That Are Full of Vitamins

Do you think eating healthy is expensive? It certainly doesn't have to be.

5 Low-Cost Ways to Get Your Daily Fiber

Picking the high-fiber apple over the high-sugar cookie isn't always about self-discipline. It can also be a financial consideration: In most cases, the apple costs more. How can you get more fiber for less?

5 Recipes for Leftover Corn on the Cob

Today's leftover corn on the cob is ideal for tomorrow's supper. Here are five recipes to prove it.

5 Recipes for Meals that Keep Well

It's often a challenge to put a fresh, home-cooked meal on the table every night. Make-ahead meals can save you a ton of time and money, plus they refrigerate or freeze beautifully!

5 Recipes That Cost Less Than $2

You don't have to be an extreme couponer to produce delicious meals on the cheap!

5 Recipes Using Cream of Mushroom Soup

We know you can use cream of mushroom soup in chicken or green bean casseroles. But there are lots more uses, ranging from cold pasta salads to warm mashed potatoes. We'll give you five new ways.

5 Tips for Cooking for a Crowd on a Budget

Want to throw a shindig but don't have the cash to go crazy on food? Here are some tips to stretch every food-related party dollar to the max.

5 Tips for Saving Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs can pack a flavor punch in your dishes, but they don't last very long in your fridge. These five tips will have you cooking fresh for a long time to come.

5 Tips for Saving Fresh Tomatoes

Regardless if they're sliced, diced or crushed, tomatoes are popular because they have fantastic flavor and cooking versatility. But how can aspiring chefs keep them fresh until it's time to create a culinary masterpiece?

5 Uses for Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Cooking just the right amount of mashed potatoes for the number of mouths you have to feed can be quite the challenge. If you end up with too much, how can you keep them from going to waste?

5 Ways to Eat Ramen for Dinner

Long the staple of college students, ramen has gone upscale. It can be used in all kinds of salads, entrees, even desserts. We'll showcase five recipes.

5 Ways to Use Avocados

Avocados have become popular in the last few years, and these five uses are just a start to all of the creative ways you can enjoy their creamy goodness.

5 Ways to Use Zucchini

Zucchini is incredibly versatile, easy to cook and packs a big nutrition punch. Here are five tasty ways to serve up this veggie.

5 Inexpensive Vegetarian Meals that Meat-eaters Will Love

What if you're having company over for dinner, and a couple of the guests are vegetarians? Will you be able to serve a veggie meal that pleases the whole crowd? We'll help you out.

Eat Frozen, Live Frugally

Freezing fresh produce and your home-cooked leftovers is where you get a real bang for your grocery buck. By strategically utilizing your freezer, you'll likely save money, waste less food and eat more healthfully.