5 Cuts of Meat that Taste Better Grilled

There are dozens of ways to cook meat, but for some cuts, you just need to fire up the grill. See a step by step image guide to grilling steak.

When it comes to butchering a cow, there are 14 major cuts of beef. After this, there are many sub-cuts, and some restaurants boast up to 40 different cuts of beef to choose from on the menu. A pig is divided eight ways, and similar to beef, has many cut variations. There are up to 10 different ways you can butcher a chop (part of the loin) alone. Depending on what cut of meat you choose, there's an ideal way to cook it. Beef chuck, shoulder and short ribs are typically best when braised. Pork shoulder is best roasted. Cubed beef from the chuck or shoulder is great for stewing, as is the pork leg shank. But when you really want to get the most flavor out of your meat, the grill is the way to go. Here are five different cuts of meat that taste better grilled.