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The BBQ & Grilling channel is here to help you cook an amazing meal on the grill. Read how to smoke a chicken, grill a juicy hamburger and learn how to obtain the perfect grill marks on your foods.


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Come and Get It! A Spicy Barbecue Quiz

Barbecue season is upon us in all its mouth-watering glory. What's your BBQ IQ? Find out with this quiz.

How Barbecue Works

Almost every country in the world has some dish involving meat cooked over the fire. In the U.S., it's called barbecue. Come with us on a mouthwatering-journey through the history, politics and techniques of barbecue.

How long do you need to grill corn on the cob?

Corn’s natural sweetness is brought out when cooked over an open flame. You can learn more about how to grill corn on the cob from this article.

How long should you grill a flank steak?

There are many types of steak that you can grill to perfection over an open flame. You can learn more about how to grill a flank steak from this article.

How long should you grill bratwurst?

Before you grill bratwurst, make sure to check whether it’s raw or precooked. You can learn more about how to grill bratwurst in this article.

How long should you grill chicken breast?

Chicken is a popular food that’s very easy to prepare on a grill. You can learn more about how long to grill a chicken breast by reading this article.

Top 5 Grilling Spice Rub Combinations

Some people are content throwing a slab of meat on the grill and letting it sizzle. But for an extra burst of flavor, massaging a spice rub into your meat can add color, texture and good taste to your meal.

10 Foods You Would Never Think to Grill

Had your fill of hamburgers and hot dogs? You'll be glad to know there are lots of other tasty options for your grill.

10 Tips for Grilling in Inclement Weather

We associate grilling with sunshine and fun. Although the weather doesn't always cooperate, you can still have a good time grilling in the rain, snow or cold. Here are some tips designed to help you cope.

5 Indoor Grilling Tips

Firing up the grill is a great way to prepare healthy food and to add that smoky taste that only an open flame can provide. But if you live in a place where the outdoor grill isn't an option, it's time to think outside the box and go inside your kitchen.

How to Barbecue Ribs Like a Pro

Ask any serious barbecue chef and he or she will tell you the secret to what makes his or her "Q" the best. But the basics of barbecuing are the same everywhere and some general rules should be followed to get ribs that will melt in the mouth.

Ultimate Guide to Competitive Grilling

For most, grilling means cooking outdoors for family and friends on a warm, summer day. But there's a group of people out there that see grilling as so much more: a competition to be named the best griller in the land.

Step-by-step Guide to Building a Barbecue Pit

Have you ever wanted to build your own barbeque pit? These building a barbecue pit pictures will show you the steps for constructing a barbecue pit.

Myron Mixon -- Jack's Old South Grilling Tips

From researching the characteristics of BBQ woods to using quality meats, Myron Mixon from Jack's Old South has some great grilling tips for you.

Paul Petersen -- Pablo Diablo's Grilling Tips

From smoking anything you've got to having fun, Paul Petersen from Pablo Diablo's is serving up some grilling and barbecuing tips in the article. Check them out and be sure to take notes!

Tuffy Stone -- Cool Smoke Grilling Tips

Lump charcoal or briquettes? Chimney and newspaper, or good ol' lighter fluid? Find these answers and more with these simple grilling tips from Tuffy Stone of Cool Smoke.

Johnny Trigg -- Smokin' Triggers BBQ Grilling Tips

Fire up the grill and start grilling like a pro with these great grilling tips from Johnny Trigg of Smokin' Triggers BBQ.

Top 5 Tips for Making Winning Barbecue

Hold that half rack. Making barbecue has become a competitive (and tasty) sport. So do you want to become a genuine pitmaster or what?

Lee Ann Whippen -- Wood Chick's BBQ Grilling Tips

From cleaning grill grates to soaking wood chips, Lee Ann Whippen of Wood Chick's BBQ is dishing out some great grilling tips to help get your grill blazin' in no time.

Harry Soo -- Slap Yo' Daddy Grilling Tips

Harry Soo, the resident barbecue and grilling king of Slap Yo' Daddy's BBQ in California, presents his best tips for making the best barbecue you can. Be sure to come hungry!

How does barbecue sauce differ from region to region?

All barbecue masters have their own special sauce recipe, but depending on where you set up your smoker in the United States, you'll probably use a different style of sauce. Every region in the United States, has its own signature style.

How to Barbecue a Whole Hog

Roasting a whole hog is a longstanding tradition for many barbecue chefs, especially those in the Southern United States. But before you send the invitations out for your pig roast, you'll need to locate a hog, dig the pit and find some patience.

Image Gallery: Extreme Grilling

Grilling has been around almost as long as humankind has had fire. It has become a culinary art that has outgrown kitchens and simple backyard barbeques. Extreme cooks are pushing the limits and are trying to perfect their methods everyday.

Top 10 Grilling Tools

From selecting the perfect grill to learning how to flip and serve your steaks, the right grilling tools are critical to making your cookout a success.

Grilling History 101: Who Made it Famous and Why?

Since grilling became popular after World War II, it's seen some big changes. What started out as a metal pan on legs has turned into a favorite weekend pastime. So, who's the genius behind the grill?