5 Ways to Cook Chicken Quickly


Many people have never even considered cooking chicken (or any other meat) in a microwave, at least unless you're talking about leftovers. But if your recipe doesn't require that the chicken be browned, there's really no rule that says you can't utilize the speediest appliance in your kitchen.

In a microwave, you can cook two chicken breasts in 4 minutes. It doesn't get faster than that. The trick is keeping it moist, which is easy enough to do. Simply add a liquid (water, chicken broth, an olive-oil-lemon-juice mixture) to the microwave dish, cover, and nuke.

Give it a shot:

Even if making a chicken dinner in the microwave feels odd to you, you can still use the appliance to cut the time for any other cooking method you choose. Before pan-frying, grilling, broiling or baking, pop the chicken in the microwave for a minute or two. That head-start will shave minutes off the cooking time when you move the chicken to the oven, stove or grill.

No matter how you cook your chicken, how long it takes or which recipe you use, always take an extra 10 seconds to stick a meat thermometer into the thickest part before you put it on the table. If it reads 165 degrees Fahrenheit or more, you're good to go. Those 10 seconds might end up saving you more time and energy than you know.

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