Poultry Guide

The Poultry Guide is a collection of tips and advice that will aid you in selecting and cooking poultry. Learn about how to roast a whole turkey, fillet a chicken breast and much more.

Versatile, mild, affordable, healthy and utterly available, chicken is something of a standby in modern cooking. It's also quick to cook, especially if you follow one of these five cooking methods.

You've got turkey questions, we've got turkey answers. Find answers to your thawing, preparing, carving, deep-frying, cooking, and storing turkey questions.

Spatchcocking is a specific way of preparing the chicken so it can be flattened to cook quickly by grilling, roasting, or broiling, or over an open fire. Learn more about how to spatchcock and many other interesting spatchcocoking facts.

The pre-made rotisserie chickens at the supermarket are great for quick meals, but what else can you do with them? For quick, healthy cooking, try the rotisserie chicken tips in this article. We'll show you a variety of ways to use store-cooked chicken.

Chicken is one of the easiest and most versatile meats you can prepare. Bake it, fry it or grill it – just be sure to take the proper safety precautions during preparation.

Chicken is incredibly versatile and can be cooked many different ways. What's more, each method of cooking helps bring out the individual flavors of chicken. Learn how to cook chicken here.

Chicken is exceptionally versatile and needs very little preparation. But there are several simple techniques that can help add taste, texture, and excitement to a chicken dish. Learn more in this article.

Learn common techniques for cutting up chicken in this informative article. You will find out how to cut a whole chicken into halves or quarters, skin and debone a chicken breast, and more.

Preparing a classic holiday turkey is easier than it looks, but it does take some careful planning and timing. Get tips on how to properly grill, roast and carve a turkey.

Whether chicken comes on the bone, or as boneless, skinless, breasts, there are methods to prepare it in order to make your best dishes even tastier. Learn how to prepare chicken.

There are so many chicken options in the grocery store, it's often difficult to decide what to buy. Learn guidelines for buying chicken, safe storage and handling, as well as delicious chicken recipes.