Corn Syrup Questions

Honey makes a good substitute for light corn syrup
Honey makes a good substitute for light corn syrup
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Q. What can I use in place of corn syrup as a substitute in a recipe?

A. Corn syrup is called for in many recipes because, unlike other sweeteners, it doesn't crystallize and turn grainy when it's cold. Baked goods, frostings, sauces, and candies made with corn syrup are moister and stay fresh longer than those made with sugar. There are two types: light and dark, which has a stronger flavor with a hint of molasses.

If you run out of corn syrup, or don't want to use it because of allergies or processing concerns, there are several options. To replace light corn syrup, substitute equal parts honey or "golden syrup," which is another processed sweetener made from cane sugar. Golden syrup is more expensive and only available in select supermarkets, gourmet food shops, and catalogs.

Molasses or maple syrup can be used in place of dark corn syrup, measure for measure. Keep in mind that all of these substitutes are sweeter than corn syrup and will lend a different flavor profile to the recipe.

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