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10 Easy Recipes for Unexpected Guests

Crackers and Topping
Crackers can be topped with just about anything.
Crackers can be topped with just about anything.
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If you put it on a cracker, they will come. Keeping a variety of crackers in tightly sealed containers can be a fast and simple way to feed guests. From chopped olives to fine pâté, a cracker can be an elegant way to showcase what you have on hand. Need to dress things up a bit? Try keeping smoked oysters around, or run out to your local deli for lox. When you serve something simple, presentation matters even more, so add a wedge of lemon to the plate, or place your offerings on a bed of lettuce. Crackers will stay fresh and tasty for months if stored properly, and a single box can go a long way.

If the idea of lox is making your mouth water, a simple recipe for smoked salmon appetizers is probably just what you're looking for.

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