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10 Easy Recipes for Unexpected Guests

Crowd Pleasing Favorites
Spaghetti is just one option to quickly please your guests.
Spaghetti is just one option to quickly please your guests.
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You'll never go wrong when you stick to the favorites. You may want to explore the mysteries of a Jamaican rub or an exotic side dish floating in peanut sauce, but spaghetti, chili, baked beans and potato salad have the advantage of being time-honored choices that won't disappoint. Need to make something in a hurry? Canned, frozen and take-out entrees are always an option, or you can cut corners by using prepared sauces, like tomato sauce that has Southwestern or Italian seasoning added. You can also buy refrigerated fresh pastas that only require a couple of minutes from package to plate. Cut minutes off prep time by keeping some of these time-saving ingredients on hand. In a world where you can get ready-to-eat bacon slices in a resealable package, labor-saving ingredients are the order of the day, so stock up.

Need a sure fire favorite in a hurry? Try this quick, tasty lasagna. Your guests will be saying "Mamma Mia!" in no time.

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