vegetarian holiday dinner

An all-vegan dinner menu can still be enticing and delicious.

Lew Robertson/FoodPix/Getty Images

You're having a dinner party, but your main course won't include beef, chicken, pork or fish. The dessert won't be made with butter and nothing will be wrapped in bacon. But you're not hosting a dull dieters' dinner either.

No, tonight you're treating your guests to an all-vegan dinner party. This means no meat, dairy or eggs will be on the menu. While vegetarians abstain from eating meat, vegans take it one step further and also stay away from dairy products, eggs and even honey. Also, most vegans don't wear fur, leather, wool or down, and they reject cosmetics that have been tested on animals. They make these decisions for health, environmental or ethical reasons.

But hosting a vegan dinner party doesn't mean a menu of bland tofu and beans. Read on for dinner party ideas that will wow both meat-eaters and vegans alike.