10 Foods for a Better Sex Life

This couple is likely feeling the effects of gelatin or another one of the sexy foods on our list. See more pictures of aphrodisiac foods.
Ettore Panichi/Getty Images

Humans have always linked sex and food. Since the dawn of time, we've been experimenting with dietary supplements to amp up our sex drive. Some foods, like wine and oysters, have a pretty good record (though you can probably attribute the success of these two to the alcohol and suggestive shape). Others, like powdered rhino horn and lettuce, are just plain weird. And while the existence of true natural aphrodisiacs is up for debate, it's an absolute fact that eating certain foods can and does improve your overall sex life. True, most of these foods are useful for their nutritional value -- it's obvious that someone who gets a diverse mix of fruits, vegetables and fiber in his or her diet is going to be more capable in bed. But there's a set of nutrients your body uses specifically for sex. We'll look at 10 of these nutrient-rich foods that help keep you ready for action when the lights go out.