Wine dates back many, many centuries and is a complex and historic drink. Wine comes in many different forms and every different type of wine has its own flavor, color and texture. Learn all about the complexity of wine on TLC Cooking.

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Call it bubbly or bubbles, but don't call what's in your glass Champagne unless it truly is. How do you know? It depends on where and how it's made.

By Carrie Whitney, Ph.D.

Sherry and port are both fortified wines. But their similarities end there.

By Muriel Vega

There are a lot of theories about why wine bottles have dents (or punts) on the bottoms. Do they still serve a purpose?

By Kristen Hall-Geisler


This syrupy sweet wine is synonymous with Passover and other Jewish holidays. So why is it popular with so many people outside the Jewish community as well?

By Jeremy Glass

You might think prosecco and Champagne are the same because they both have bubbles, but you'd be wrong. So what's makes a quality prosecco?

By Stephanie Vermillion

If you've ever had sediment — or crystals — in the bottom of your wine glass or on a cork, you've had wine diamonds. Are they a sign of a bad bottle?

By Jennifer Walker-Journey

How much does the shape of your wineglass really affect the taste of your favorite pinot noir? Probably more than you realize.

By Stephanie Vermillion


Boxed wines have a stigma, and we're here to tell you there's just no need for it. They taste as good, last way longer and are more eco-friendly than bottled.

By Stephanie Vermillion

One glass of wine might not be a big deal, until you consider how much glass sizes have increased.

By Michelle Konstantinovsky

As the old saying goes, appearances can be deceiving. Most of us use price, the label on the bottle and vintage to prejudge a wine's quality. But do expensive wines actually taste better, or is it all just sour grapes?

By Laurie L. Dove

Wine lovers are sometimes called snobby, in part because they seem to speak a language of their own. Yet, their beloved beverage likely had some humble beginnings.

By Laurie L. Dove


When pairing food and wine it is necessary to consider the seasonings in the dish and how it was cooked. Learn how to pair wines with savory foods here.

Some sweet wines need not be paired with food at all because they are almost a dessert in themselves. Learn how to pair wine with sweet food.

The quiet performer of Europe, Portugal now boasts red wines that can take their place alongside the finest in the world. Learn more about Portuguese wine.

American wine isn't just about California - there are wineries in each of the 50 states, even Hawaii and Alaska! Explore American wines and wine regions.


At any time of year, New York wine country is full of opportunities to tour, taste and explore the state's beautiful viticultural, or wine-producing, areas. What's the best way to see New York wine country?

By Becky Striepe

American wines are relatively new to the game, but they're growing in popularity and gaining more respect. Learn more about these rookie wines.

By Sara Elliott

Join us as we explore everything about Greek wines, including their divine history, diverse production regions and delicious applications.

By Christine Venzon

Bike tours have become popular in virtually every place that wine is produced, but how do you combine wine tasting and a strenuous activity like biking? It's a lot easier than you'd think, actually.

By Linda C. Brinson


Wine country is the chic choice for winery tours, honeymoons, anniversary celebrations, graduation trips and girlfriend getaways. But when should you go? Which time of year will provide you with the best possible experience?

By Denise Harrison

From rivers to forests, Northern California's wine country boasts more than just wineries, and balloon tours are a whimsical way to take in these breathtaking views. How can you take a hot air balloon through wine country?

By Becky Striepe

Why tour one vineyard when you can visit several? Hit the road and plan a great trip through wine country.

By Jane McGrath

You don't have to live in Napa Valley to host a wine country party. This romantic pairing of wine, food and friends can happen anywhere. We'll show you how.

By Sarah Winkler


Think there's just a few crushed grapes and some sugar in your wine? Think again. There's a lot more that goes into making that bottle of vino we all love.

By Beth Brindle

If working with wine is your ultimate dream, there are a number of ways in. From making the wine to working the fields, we'll tell you about the 10 coolest jobs.

By Emilie Sennebogen