10 Foods for a Better Sex Life


Certain Food Aromas

There's a connection among food, sex and scent. Our sense of smell is tied so deeply into our perception of food that we nearly lose the ability to taste without it. Smell is so entwined with the way we perceive sex that many people who lose their sense of smell also experience sexual dysfunction.

True aphrodisiacs may not even come from what we eat -- scientists have found that we become aroused just by smelling certain foods. One recent study found that blood flow to the penis increased up to 40 percent when men were exposed to the scent of lavender and pumpkin pie. In women, blood flow to the vagina increased by 13 percent when female subjects smelled licorice candy, cucumber and baby powder.

Scientists are unsure as to why certain smells have such a profound effect. Interestingly, the same study found no significant change in blood flow when participants were exposed to perfume and cologne. There's just something magical about pumpkin pie and licorice.

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