Top 10 Movies About Food

Food often plays a big part in movies. See more pictures of chocolate.

Food often plays a pivotal role in movie plots, as any dedicated moviegoer knows. Take one prime example: the 1992 film "Como Agua Para Chocolate" ("Like Water for Chocolate"). The main character, a Mexican woman named Tita, uses her cooking to influence and enhance people's emotions. When she's not allowed to marry the man she desires -- and her sister marries him in her place -- her sadness creeps into her recipes and all the wedding guests are overcome by grief during the wedding banquet.

On another occasion, Tita uses a meal to pour her love into the man she yearns for, and again it has a profound effect on both him and the other diners. The meal acts as more than just an aphrodisiac; it consummates her passions.

On the next 10 pages, we'll explore other movies in which food plays a fundamental role. Any idea where we'll be stopping first?