5 Healthy Ways to Use Stewed Tomatoes

Stewed tomatoes can be just as at home in more exotic dishes as they are in traditional comfort foods like pastas. See more international tomato recipe pictures.

Let's talk about lycopene. Yes, we know: You came here for the delicious recipes, not discussion of scientific terms. Most people don't need another reason to eat tomato-based dishes. They're delicious, common to many styles of cuisine and a great addition to comfort foods. But if you'll allow us, we'd like to give you yet another reason to continue eating them.

Lycopene is the antioxidant compound in tomatoes that is responsible for giving them the rich, red color we know and love, but it also offers a more important benefit: It may help fight cancer. And medical experts like those at the American Cancer Society believe that cooking tomatoes actually increase the body's absorption of the antioxidant. So feel free to indulge more in favorite dishes like spaghetti or chili -- just make sure the recipe has other healthy ingredients as well. On the following pages, we offer several healthy stewed tomato recipes that will help you get more beneficial lycopene in your diet.