5 Low-sodium Foods that Might Surprise You

Popping your own popcorn at home is a great, low-sodium alternative to super-salty, store-bought popcorn.
Popping your own popcorn at home is a great, low-sodium alternative to super-salty, store-bought popcorn.

A large popcorn bought at the movie theater concession counter contains 1,500 mg of sodium, and that's without any toppings added to it. So why is it on our list of low-sodium foods? Forget about movie theater popcorn soaked in salt and butter-flavored oil. And forget about many of the microwave popcorn options out there, too (read the label): A bag of Pop-Secret's classic buttered popcorn packs about 1,000 mg of sodium, and other brands boast comparable numbers.

Popcorn, though, when it's unsalted and unbuttered, is a healthy whole grain. It's naturally a no-sodium food (less than 5 mg per serving), plus it's low-fat and high in fiber. Pop your own bowl at home where you can control how much or little salt and oil you eat.

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